Munich Airport Arrivals And Departures  

Munich airport is very tourist-friendly and is the second busiest airport in Germany. It has internet access available for you 24 hours a day. The Arrivals and Departures section of the airport on level 4 has information desks for you. These sections also have ATMs and foreign exchange desks.

Terminal 1 has 5 modules designed for easy handling of arrivals and departures. It was opened in 1992.  It has parking facilities and drive-by lanes. The fifth module has only arrivals. Each module operates as a separate self contained unit. Though the modules are small, they are comfortable and well equipped. All the airlines which are not members of Star Alliance are handled here. The terminal has 21 jet bridges. Two of the jet bridges are converted into waiting hall for passengers to be transferred by bus.

Terminal 2 is not divided into modules and was opened in 2003. It has a central plaza around which all activities take place. It handles arrivals and departures of Lufthansa and airlines of the Star Alliance. The two main departure levels are 04 and 05. It has an additional bus gate at level 03. Level 05 is for non-Schengen flights. There are gates with additional checkpoint security for departures to the US.

Thanks to these terminals, the arrivals and departures of flights go on smoothly and in a well organized manner. There are various services available for passengers who arrive and are in transit.

The airport is well designed and has made arrivals and departures one of the best in the world.

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Munich Airport Arrivals And Departures




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