Travel In Munich And Vicinity  

There are many exciting places to see in Munich, and there are so many ways to see them. It will be best if you stay in a place near the attractions so that travel will not be a problem, and you are fresh in the evening to enjoy the nightlife.

An exciting way of touring Munich is by hiring bicycles. The adventurous can go to the nearby villages and visit the castles located there. Or you can be even more adventurous and walk your way through the many sights in Munich.

If you want to see a lot of attractions in a short time, then opt for car tours. If you wish to travel economically, then try the shared rides. They are much cheaper than hiring taxis and traveling by trains. 

Whichever way you travel you are sure to enjoy the English Gardens with its boating lake, Greek temple and Chinese pagoda. 

The heart of the city has Marienplatz, a historical place that one must visit. 

The Cathedral of our Blessed Lady is sure to be an uplifting experience. It is a landmark in Munich and a good example of gothic architecture.

There are some delightful places you can see around Munich. Neuschwanstein Castle is one of them. It was built in 1868 and is 200 meters above the valley floor. The castle has become quite famous and everyone who visits Munich must see it.
Four hours away from Munich is the romantic town of Rothenburg and its famous Harburg castle. The medieval look is well preserved for the tourists to appreciate.

Tourists will never get bored with their stay in Munich.

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Travel In Munich And Vicinity




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