Cool Facts About Italy  

Italy is definitely a fascinating and beautiful country to visit. It has a territory that is wider than the Arizona’s U.S.

State. Every year, people of around 40 million from around the world visit the country; this is why they have the most number of hotel rooms in any of the European nation. Italy’s shape is like a single boot.

Its capital is Rome with a 3 million population. Italy also has the most lifts in the Guinness Record. Furthermore, it has the lowest record of birthrate in Europe. This fact about Italy is really strange because as you can see, most Italian families are large in numbers.

Another cool fact about Italy is that 5 seas including the Ligurian, Mediterranean, Tyrrhenian, Adriatic, and Ionian seas surrounds it. Also, there are six countries that surround the Italy beside those seas. These countries are the Switzerland, France, Austria, Vatican City, Slovenia, and San Marino.

In addition to this, Italian words are considered as a romantic language. There are really many dialects spoken in Italy but the official language is said to have originated from the Latin words. Also, according to studies, about sixty percent of art’s greatest treasure can be found in Italy. Furthermore, Italy also manufactures top sports cars known around the world like the Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, and the Maserati.

The Mafia is really big here in Italy, and as a result Italy is called Cosa Nostra, or Camorra, or Ndrangheta.

Italy is really a great place to have your most awaited vacation.

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Cool Facts About Italy




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