How Is Christmas Celebrated In Italy ?  

The Christmas season in the country of Italy is celebrated traditionally every December 24 to January 6. This is from Christmas Eve up to Epiphany.

After this season follows the celebration of the pagan season which starts with a winter solstice festivity called Saturnalia and ends with Calends, the Roman’s New Year.

The Italian’s more common Christmas tradition is the giving of presents and Babo Natale, the Father Christmas. The main day when they give presents is on Epiphany, Christmas’ 12th day. It is when the three wise men gave their precious gifts to Baby Jesus. The presents are brought by the La Befana, who will fill the hanging children’s stockings with gifts.

Furthermore, Christmas trees and decorations are also becoming popular here in Italy. The Christmas decorations can be seen placed out around December 8 or even in the end of November. The Christmas decoration’s main focus continuous to be the crèche, presepe, or the Nativity scene. Almost all the churches there have their own presepe, and also in some outdoors in their public areas or piazza too.

Traditionally, on Christmas Eve, the family will serve and eat a meatless dinner, followed by a midnight mass and an actual live nativity scene. In some parts of the southern Italy, a dinner comprising of seven fish is served traditionally on Christmas Eve. At their town’s main square, and especially in some mountain areas, on Christmas Eve, traditional bonfires were lighted. Also, their dinner on the actual Christmas day is generally meat-based.

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How Is Christmas Celebrated In Italy ?




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How Is Christmas Celebrated In Italy ? )
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