Italy And Earthquake  

In entire Europe, Italy is considered as one of the most seismically active places. The Alps Mountain in the northern part of Italy is the result of African tectonic plate that pushes north into Eurasian plate. This is a continuous process at a pace of three centimeter per year in the country of Italy.

The movement of the second micro plate underlying beneath Adriatic Sea of Italy’s east coast is also considered to have contributed to some of the earthquake that this country have experienced. Minor tremors are very common and natural from time to time in Italy, but it is very unusual for them to experience such a deadly earthquake.

In the 2002, an earthquake in the southern part of the San Giuliano di Puglia has killed a number of more than 25 people. It is considered as the highest number of people who died in an earthquake in Italy in more than 20 years. Many people, more than 40,000, lost their homes and were left shock, traumatized, and in grief after the natural disaster.

In the year 1980, in an earthquake that measured at least a magnitude of 6.9, more than 2,700 people were wiped out and there are several thousands of people that are left injured. Eboli was its epicenter; it is about 50 miles south of the Naples country.

One of the deadliest earthquakes experienced by the Italians was in 1908, more than a century ago. It destroyed the progressive Sicilian town of Messina, and estimated to have killed more than a hundred thousand of people.

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Italy And Earthquake




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