Tourist Information Lucca Italy  

One of Italians’ less flashy places of destinations is Lucca in the central region of Tuscany. It was only favored by visitors who do not want to be part of the hustle and bustle in other tourist destinations.

It is most often called as the secret gem of Italy, and is the alternative destination to Florence and Rome’s high season of tourist madness.

Lucca is encircled by walls. The place is full of bicycles and pastry shops. As a matter of fact, Lucca has no popular showpieces, and thus, no tourists or souvenir shops can be found. There are really no wide roads in Lucca. This is why people use bicycles when moving around the town. However, you can find many old churches, towers, little piazzas, and many family businesses in here. Lucca is a town where you can simply walk without a map, cycle, and soon you may find yourself back somewhere you can recognize.

One of the tourist attractions here is the beautiful old church of San Frediano. Another one is the Pisan-style Duomo, alongside its very own museum that contains Jacopo della Quercia’s fine works of art. There is also the San Michele in Foro, another one of the grand church here in Lucca. If you love art work, you may want to visit the Pinacoteca Nazionale and Museo Gunigi.

For more tourist information, you can go to their information office located in the courtyard of the municipal palazzo, in front of the Piazza Napoleone. Some other places where you can find information can be found just around the walls of the town including the bus station’s office at the western main gate.

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Tourist Information Lucca Italy




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