What Airport Is Closest To Aviano Italy ?  

Aviano village in Italy can be found 9 miles north of Pordenone city. It is the Pordenone provincial capital.  Friuli Venezia is the region where Pordenone and Aviano are located.

Aviano village in Italy has been inhabited by people since 900s. However, there is some evidence that show humans were here even before the time that the Romans came to this beautiful place in the 186 BC.

Furthermore, many historians have agreed that the ancient town developed a commercial center that once located in the place where current day Aviano is located as well as the center for cultural and defense in Castello d’ Aviano.

The Aviano village is definitely no stranger to the Americans because there is an established American base there after the World War II end. This American base is called the Aviano Air Base. The Air Force of the United States in Europe also moved its headquarters from Udine Italy to Aviano. This U.S. airbase is in the northeastern of Italy at the Italian Alps base. However, the Aviano village is still 9 miles located at the south of the airbase.

Many tourists visit Aviano for its beautiful and amazing scenery and its nearness to the Italian Alps. There are some airports that are close to Aviano, such as Belluno airport, which is 39 km away; Treviso, which is 53 km away; Jesolo Airport, which is 59 km away; and Venice's Marco Polo airport, which is 62 km away. The Marco Polo Airport in Venice is mostly the preferred airport of many tourists going to Aviano village in Italy.

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What Airport Is Closest To Aviano Italy ?




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What Airport Is Closest To Aviano Italy ? )
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