Who Is The President Of Italy ?  

Born on June 29, 1925, Giorgio Napolitano is a politician in Italy and an ex-lifetime senator. He is the eleventh and the present President of Italy. He was elected on May 10, 2006, and started his term an inaugural ceremony on May 15, 2006.

Before the election in 2006, Napolitano was commonly recommended for President of Italy. He was actually the second individual suggested by the majority coalition center left, The Union, after Massimo D’ Alema, following the possibility of a combined vote on D’Alema was declined by the authorities of The House of Freedoms, the center right coalition. Although Napolitano initially appeared as a candidate that The House of Freedoms can unite with, the suggestion was declined as well.

On May 7, 206, The Union formally supported Giorgio Napolitano as their candidate on May 8 special election of that same year. The Vatican authorized him as the President in L'Osservatore Romano, Vatican’s official broadsheet, soon after the Union called him as their candidate. Marco Follini, UDC’s (a Christian party) former secretary and the House of Freedom member endorsed Napolitano as well.

Giorgio Napolitano was declared the President of Italy on May 10, in the fourth voting round- the first voting round only required a total majority while the remaining three rounds required only two-thirds of votes (that is 543 out of 1009). Napolitano was considered the very first communist to be elected as Italy’s president and the third Napolitano following Giovanni Leone and Enrico De Nicola. After he was elected, expressions of appreciation to him and his authority as the new President of Italy were organized by the members of both the House of Freedoms and The Union.

So, next time you are asked who is the president of Italy, you know the answer to that question.

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Who Is The President Of Italy ?




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