Why Did Italian Immigrants Leave Italy ?  

Do you know how it feels to bid goodbye to your loved ones, your friends and to your home?

Can you imagine how it is to leave and go to a strange country without knowing the language, and with a little or no cash at all? Why would someone do something so drastic? All these questions are raised when historians and others look for reasons as to why Italian immigrants left Italy decades ago.

This is not about how Italians love to leave their beloved country. This is a true story though that has to be told over and over again, in case the future generations fail to remember. This is the history of families who immigrated to the United States, why did they go there and what happened to them when they got there.

Majority of Italian immigrants did not plan to permanently stay in the United States. There was even a unique expression that was invented for Italian immigrants: Birds of Passage, as their main purpose was to become traveling laborers. Although seventy-five percent of these Italian immigrants were formerly farmers in their country, they never wished to farm in the United States. When they left Italy, these farmers decided to go to those US cities where employment was in demand and wages were reasonably high. A lot of men in Italy left their family behind for the reason that they hoped to come back.

In any case, most Italian immigrants’ relocation can never be taken as refusal for Italy. Actually, it is a security of Italian living as the money that they send home facilitated to protect the usual order. Thus, instead of searching for permanent homes, Italian immigrants wanted an opportunity to work for high wages in the US and save ample money to have a better life not just for themselves, but also for their families after they return to Italy.

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Why Did Italian Immigrants Leave Italy ?




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Why Did Italian Immigrants Leave Italy ? )
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