Pompeii Before The Eruption  

In the devastating year of AD 79, Pompeii was a flourishing metropolis of around 20,000 residents.

This was only during the glory days of Roman Empire. Also, if there is one thing that would best describe Pompeii before the eruption, it is that the city was a famous location for the rich Romans who wanted to spend their holidays there.

Pompeii residents were the usual of the Roman Empire. The people living in the city before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius were the very rich and their slaves along with traders, shopkeepers and innkeepers who catered to the rich.

The city itself was already significant. Some of the homes in downtown had already been present since the year 300 BC. Thus, by 79 AD, these houses were older than what America is today.

During those times, development had appeared to the city of Pompeii. The city housed one grand auditorium and small theaters. Pompeii and lots of its edifices boasted running water transported by a Roman channel. There was also a central swimming baths, a gym and 4 public pools. There were various restaurants, a hotel, a forum and temples.

This was almost 2,000 years ago and the life was not as diverse from these days as you may expect. In this city, higher stories were constructed on some of the elegant houses of Pompeii.

Since the city was a port metropolises situated on the Bay of Naples, the residents who resided there could benefit from the numerous ships that made docks in this city. They transported goods from various other interesting places, to buy and sell in this city and to other cities in Italy.

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Pompeii Before The Eruption




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