Where Is Pompeii Located ?  

A lot of people are unaware of what Pompeii is. This is merely because the city of Pompeii was kept buried for so many years. Some of the people might even ask where is Pompeii located. Well, if that is also your case, then you should read on.

Pompeii is situated in the western part of Italy in the district named Campania, close to the Bay of Naples. With the shore on the west and on the east, the Apennine Mountains, Campania is a rich plain, crossed by two main rivers and exalted with soil abundant in potash and phosphorus. During the ancient times, the crop yield of the region was 6 times greater than the usual within the entire peninsula. The Campania region was very fertile and records indicate that several parts experienced three grain harvests each year.

Though only little is famous about the first settlers of Campania, the first individuals to dwell in this area were most likely gatherers, fishers and hunters. By around the 18th century BC., a mass of Italian individuals called the Oscans inhabited the area, they probably founded Pompeii, but the precise date of its foundation is unknown. Also, Ionians inhabited in this region in the 8th century BC.

The Greek settlements started as a sequence of little trading posts, but quickly developed into thriving merchant cities that dominated the region in the end. For several centuries the people of Campania stayed under the Hellenic power, with Pompeii and Herculaneum, its neighboring city, the focus of Greek era.

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Where Is Pompeii Located ?




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Where Is Pompeii Located ? )
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