Ancient Rome And Medicine  

Medicine has been in existence for the longest time. A lot of producers as well as tools utilized today are derived from ancient Rome.

Maybe we are not even aware that most medical concepts stem from ancient civilizations. It is difficult to think that Romans during the 1st century BC had an understanding of what we utilize today in most hospitals and daily illnesses.

Many early Romans depended on a mixture of mystic and myths to battle diseases. Every house had its own unique place of worship and supply of herbal medicines. The Romans got its folk medicine scheme from the Etruscans and further prehistoric aborigines of Italy. The curative job was in the hands of magicians, priests and the elders of a family. But herbs only cannot treat the various diseases of the planet. Surely, these various diseases that we encounter nowadays already existed back then. They certainly did not have the knowledge to give the kind of care we have now.

However, some considered ancient Rome and medicine as synonyms because the Romans were truly smart when it comes to medicine. They even boasted a process of eliminating a fetus from the womb. Such procedure is popularly called today as abortion. There was a medical method of removing fetus from the womb using unnatural means. Greatly immoral as abortion is in several opinions, but even so, Romans still performed this method.

Doctors were at all times not a part of the culture of Rome. Hygiene, though, was extremely vital to the people of Roman before medical doctors were. Their good practices are what made Roman people healthy for so many years. In the past Roman years, personal cleanliness and utilizing herbs were the only things they depended on to avoid diseases.

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Ancient Rome And Medicine




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