Causes For Fall Of Rome  

Many people believe that the fall of Rome was not a one shot event. In fact, it was a continuous process that lasted more than one century.

Since Rome is still around, some critics argue that Rome adapted instead of falling. People, who believe that there was a fall of Rome, blame it on a variety of factors. They think that factors like monetary, religious and military problems were responsible for the fall.

Many historians feel that the rapid increase of the empire over a short time as well as economic inflation may be one of the reasons for the decline. The increase in the size of the empire required a lot of money to maintain it. Rome was at that time fighting enemies from all sides. It was spending a lot of money to maintain its armies. It was forced to raise taxes to raise the money. As a result, the inflation went very high. As a snowball effect there was a huge economic stress. If we go by the theory of Vegetius, the empire declined due to the influx of German mercenaries. There was a dilution of culture and the loyalty of the Roman commanders shifted from the Roman government.

Historians like Arnold J. Toynbee and James Burke believe that the Roman Empire had a problem since its inception. They feel that Rome could not have lasted longer than what it actually did unless some radical reforms were introduced. The economy actually relied on plundering and looting or tax collections. This way no empire can last too long.

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Causes For Fall Of Rome




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