Important Events In Ancient Rome  

Ancient Rome had many important events which were celebrated based on different calendars. During the era of the first king of Rome, there was no such written calendar.

The year was divided in ten months. This was the primitive calendar of Rome. The ancient week consisted of nine days. There were no weekends. Instead there were feast days. The calendar was modified by the second king of Rome, Numa Pompilius. The year was then divided into twelve months.

Julius Caesar made further corrections to the calendar which was then called the Julian calendar. Our present calendar is a result of more refinement on the Julian calendar. The calendar marked various events in Rome. In the month of February, the Romans had the purifying feast of the Lupercalia as well as the feast of the ghosts named Feralia. The first of March, marks the day when the Salii priests dance marking the beginning of the war season. "Equirria" horse races are held on 14th March. 23rd March celebrated the event of Tubilustrium -- purifying of (war) trumpets.

Ludi Megalenses is celebrated during the six days from the day before the Nones. From the day before the Ides, the Romans have eight days of Ludi Cereales. Spring is the time of celebrating Ludi Florales. On the Ides of May and the Kalends of August, the Romans celebrate the Ludi Martiales. The Lemures feast to all spirits is celebrated during the month of May. The feasts of Mater Matuta and Fortuna are celebrated during June. There are other feasts like Ludi Apollinares and the feast in the honor of Portunus that is celebrated during July and August.

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Important Events In Ancient Rome




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