What Year Did Rome Fall ?  

The historic event that is considered to be the "Fall of Rome" is usually dated to the Sack of Rome by Alaric the Goth on August 24th A.D. 410.

It can also be linked to September 4th, A.D. 476 when the last Roman Emperor of the Western Empire, Romulus Agustus resigned. It is a key event in history.

Once the Government of Rome fell, the citizens came to the Church and requested the Bishop to take charge and run the country. The fall of Rome was a real calamity. There was major destruction of art and architecture. The state of the roads got worse. Great cities became extinct. There was loss of Mediterranean trade and European unity. But in spite of such mass scale destruction, there was some good that came out of it.

          As a result of the break up of the empire, the slavery system in Europe was abolished. Some critics do argue that this led to the introduction of serfdom, but serfs were definitely treated better than slaves. So, the abolishment of the slavery system is a good thing that resulted out of the fall of the empire. However, after the fall of the Roman Empire, Rome experienced a kind of ransacking, but this is considered to be overrated by many historians. The real tragedy happened when Rome was destroyed during the Renaissance in the wild building boom. For example, St. Peter's basilica was leveled during this boom. Huge sections of the city was demolished to give Rome a “new look”. This is when Rome was actually destroyed.

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What Year Did Rome Fall ?




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