Trevi Fountain Location  

Rome is famous for many historical monuments. One such historical monument in Rome is the Trevi Fountain, which is one of the most photographed monuments of the world. Every year thousands of visitors come to Rome to visit this wonderful architectural marvel.

The things which make this fountain worth visiting are as follows:

  • The architecture and design of the fountain.
  • The statues which are the part of the fountain.
  • The “throw the coin” belief to come back for the next visit.

The fountain was designed by Nicola Salvi and was made Federico Fellini's La Dolce Vita. The fountain is located close to the Spanish Steps and Piazza Navona. In fact, you can walk to the two spots from here. The water, which flows in this fountain, first flows through the marble statues and then flows to the centre. The fountain is situated at junction where three streets meet.

There are many myths which are associated with this fountain like the first one of drinking a glass of water from this fountain to get good fortune. This myth was then followed by throw the coin belief where the person who throws a coin into the fountain water will ensure his quick visit to Rome in the future. It is only because of this myth that the fountain has become a reservoir of international coins. It is the monument which has become a necklace for the Rome. It is very well connected to every street and is worth visit not only once but several times which you will realize when you will visit once. 

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Trevi Fountain Location




When-Was-The-Trevi-Fountain-Built      The Trevi Fountain is the one of the most wonderful monuments in the whole world. The construction for this fountain was started in 1732 when Pope Clement XII commissioned Nicola Salvi to create this. Nicola Salvi was a famous painter and an architect. The construction of this monument was done in the year 1762. More..




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