When Was The Trevi Fountain Built ?  

The Trevi Fountain is the one of the most wonderful monuments in the whole world.

The construction for this fountain was started in 1732 when Pope Clement XII commissioned Nicola Salvi to create this. Nicola Salvi was a famous painter and an architect. The construction of this monument was done in the year 1762.

The front figure of this fountain is Neptune, which is the god of the sea. One can see Neptune riding a chariot, which is shaped like a shell. The chariot is pulled by two horses. The statue of these two horses shows the distinct mood of the sea.

There are many visitors who visit this fountain each year. There are many myths which are associated with this fountain. Some of them are of relating the water of this fountain with the fortune and other is of throwing the coin to ensure the quick visit in the future to Rome.

This is located at the meeting point of three streets. It is very well connected to other monuments in Rome which are just at the walking distance from this fountain. Today, this fountain is always crowded by the visitors who are always busy in taking participation in throwing the coins in the fountain. It has become a very famous and beautiful place. It is estimated that 3,000 euros are thrown in water every day by the visitors, which has made the fountain a reservoir of international coins. This place is famous all over the world and is really worth visiting many times.

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When Was The Trevi Fountain Built ?




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When Was The Trevi Fountain Built ? )
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