History Of Venice Timeline  

Every place has its own history on which its present is based. The city of Venice is no different. In fact, it has a long and rich history that is definitely worth delving into. with it.

Venice is small city with so many things to see and each piece of monument has some history associated.

Here is a brief timeline showing the most important events in the history of Venice.

  • Venice was founded on April 25, 421 AD. This is also St. Mark's Day, who is the patron saint of the city.
  • In 639 AD, a cathedral was built in Torcello, near Venice, which offered a safe haven to the locals who were looking to get away from the attacks by the invading barbarian army. Thereafter, Venice was expanded across the lagoon by building the city on several islands, which were then connected by bridges.
  • The original St Mark's Basilica was constructed 834, but was razed to ground after a fire broke out. The Doges Palace, which is present day St Mark's Square, was constructed in 814.
  • In the Middle Ages, which lasted from 1271 to 1295, Marco Polo traveled from Venice to China where he met the famous Genghis Khan.
  • In 1348, Venice was badly hit by the bubonic plague, and this disease was responsible for killing half the residents of the city. However, the city managed to lift itself and become a leading ocean faring power in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • In 1489, Cyprus was captured by Venice.
  • In 1516, Venice became the home of the first ghetto of the world.
  • In 1630, another plague hit Italy and this was responsible for the gradual decline of Venetian power.
  • In 1797, Venice was defeated by Napoleon and this saw the once great republic becoming part of the Austrian Empire.
  • In 1848, Venetian took up arms to fight for their freedom from the Hapsburg Empire. In 1860, Guiseppe Garibaldi and his army gained the freedom of Italy, and Venice became part of Italy in 1866. Italy was united and was ruled during that period by the Savoia dynasty.

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History Of Venice Timeline




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