How To Get From Rome To Venice ?  

Italy is one of the most wonderful countries in this world. Rome and Venice are two beautiful cities of Italy.

Every year millions of visitors visit these two places for making their trip very exciting. One of the most important concerns for those who want to go to Rome from Venice or vice-versa is transportation. There are a few good options available for this. The travelers want a comfortable travel between the two cities, and that is a possibility.

Here are some of the options to travel from Rome to Venice and vice versa.

  • Train: One of the options to travel between the two cities is train travel. The journey is very exciting and takes a total travel time of around 4.5 hours. The train passes through the Grand Canal and is very adventurous. You will be having option to choose the class of your travel.
  • Flight: Another option to travel between the two cities is that of taking a flight. The flight journey takes 2.5 hours and is very costly.
These are the best alternatives to travel between the two cities for a comfortable journey. There are some things which are to be kept in mind. One of which is not to smoke because smoking is strictly prohibited in Italian train. The tickets for train and flight can be booked in advance through a travel agent or by using your credit card. To travel between different parts of these cities, you can take boat taxis. Always remember to book your ticket in advance, and make sure that you reach the station on time.

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How To Get From Rome To Venice ?




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