How Was Venice Built ?  

Venice is one of the beautiful cities of Italy. It is located in the northern side of Italy. The city is also known as the city of bridges and city of light.

There are 118 islands in Venice which are very well connected by bridges. These islands together make up the city of Venice. Almost every house of Venice is very uniquely built.

Earlier the citizens thought of building the house with rocks, but later is was analyzed that rock houses could diminish, and the weight could not be carried by the bridges and water. So they decided to build the houses by using the wood. Today, there are many houses, which are as old as 400 years. 

Venice was founded in 421 AD on April 25, which is also known as St. Mark’s day. St Mark is the patron saint of the city. Venice was built on several islands in the lagoon and was later connected by constructing several bridges. The lagoon was easy to hide and it used to protect the city from the invaders. At that time, Venice under the reign of the Doges’ government. In 1000, Venice defeated the pirates of the Adriatic Sea and later took part in many war campaigns. Venice did all this to expand the business, and welcomed the opportunity very well.

There are many canals in Venice which are artificially built. These canals are having bridges which connect the two parts of Venice which is being separated by the construction of the canal. The culture of Venice just settled there and today, the city that we see is a result of that culture.

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How Was Venice Built ?




Population-Of-Venice-Italy      Venice is one the wonderful city which is also known as the city of bridges. It is a city which is built by man. The city is a collection of 118 small islands, which are very well connected by bridges. Almost all the houses are built using the wood. However, it is the citizens of Venice who make it a wonderful city. More..




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How Was Venice Built ? )
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