Population Of Venice Italy  

Venice is one the wonderful city which is also known as the city of bridges. It is a city which is built by man. The city is a collection of 118 small islands, which are very well connected by bridges.

Almost all the houses are built using the wood. However, it is the citizens of Venice who make it a wonderful city.

According to the latest census, the estimated population of Venice was 271, 367 on January 1, 2004, making is a lowly populated city.

Looking the history, the city was attacked by plague in the year 1348. Every family in the city Venice was hit by the disease and as a result the population became half of what it was prior to the disease. There were many citizens who lost their life in this plague. Venice started recovering from that shock. But in the year 1630, another plague attacked the city. This also took many lives with it, and again the population of Venice became reduced.  

However, Venice recovered from all these viral attacks. The Venetians built their nation in such a way so that they would be able to survive when attacked by the invaders. They started learning to survive and fight. The citizens started learning the art of painting, architecture, and music. There are many Venetians who are famous for what they doing and what they have done in the past. Antonio Vivaldi is one of the prominent citizens of Venice who became famous for painting and architecture during his time.

One can indeed say with a lot of certainty that Venice is a small city with great aspirations.

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Population Of Venice Italy




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