Venice And Carnival  

The carnival is a day where all the citizens are given holiday. Even government offices are closed as it is a form of public holiday.

The carnival of Venice is an annual festival held in the city, where all the citizens dress up in several guises and present them. People wear different masks to participate in this festival.

This is a festival of fun and enjoyment. It was first started in the year 1296. The first ever mask was worn in Venice on 2 May 1268. The carnival of Venice starts around two weeks before the Ash Wednesday and ends on Shrove Tuesday.

The program is released to public much before the actual date of the festival so that the citizens and visiting tourists get enough time to prepare their dresses and masks. The most exciting thing in this festival is this that everybody comes in mask, and there is no societal hierarchy on this day. Everybody is treated equal and every person is allowed to celebrate equally.

The masks are made by the painters, and many colors are used to make a single mask. It is not so that the Venice people only dress themselves up and dance. There are many other things which they enjoy during the carnival period. There are jugglers to entertain them, people can play gambling games, and they can drink wine and go to cafes.

It is the most internationally known festival of Venice. Every year thousands of visitors come to Venice just to attend this wonderful festival. They enjoy the festival for two weeks and then start waiting for the next year's carnival.

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Venice And Carnival




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