Culture Of The Netherland  

Netherlands has a very diverse culture. The people of the Netherlands mainly speak Dutch. They are also familiar with English since it is taught in school. Friesland, which is in the northern part of the Netherlands, uses the Frisian language; while the southern province of Limburg uses Limburgish language.

The Netherlands is said to be a very secular country. Around 40 percent of the people in the country are believed to be non religious and agnostic. Of the remaining 60 percent, there are about 21 percent Protestants, 31 percent Roman Catholic and about 4.5 percent Muslims.

The country is famous for its architecture, art, music and dance. The most well known Dutch painters were Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn and Vincent Van Gogh. They have a rich music tradition consisting of folk dance, ballet and even classical music. They also boast of a distinct version of cabaret.

Moving on to cuisine, the Dutch consume more of vegetables as compared to meat. They also consume a great deal of dairy products. Dutch cheese is very well known all over the world. They also have a fondness for pastries, cookies, pies and cakes. Though the Dutch may not consume too much wine, they use beer and other alcoholic drinks such as Brandewijn and Jenever.

In Netherlands, the feast of Saint Nicolaas, which is also known as Sinterklaas, is celebrated with great joy. This is celebrated on December 5, and is much more popular than Christmas.

Netherlands has a very rich culture, constituting of very liberal and tolerant people, who are modern and at the same time give due importance to religion and traditions. Education, independence, personal development and hard work are very important to these people.

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Culture Of The Netherland




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