Facts About Netherland Windmills  

Among other things, the Netherlands is also well known for is its windmills. But this is not the land where windmills were invented. The windmills were found in the Netherlands, Spain, and some other countries in the 12th century. But the Netherlands is known to have been using windmills for a longer period of time than any other European country.

The people of the Netherlands used two different types of windmills, namely industrial windmills as well as drainage wind mills. They used drainage windmills in order to drain water from the low lying land, and the industrial windmills are used in the paper, timber and coloring industries. For almost 500 years, the Dutch were dependant on windmills for power

Even today, you can find windmills in the Netherlands. There are around 1000 of them which are still present. However, these are very protected and can be viewed by the public only at fixed times. If you are visiting Netherlands, you may find a blue ribbon on the windmills. This signifies that these mills can be viewed free of charge or on payment of a very nominal fee. This is usually the case on the first Saturday of every month.

One interesting fact about one of the windmills standing tall in the Netherlands is that it was built around 1450, making it really old. Another windmill is round 108 feet high.

The windmills will always be associated with the Netherlands. People there use the word mill in their names, streets and products. A windmill is a proud possession of the millers even today and they are more than happy to show their windmills to the visitors.

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Facts About Netherland Windmills




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