Family Tours To The Netherlands  

Netherlands is located on the western side of the European continent with Germany towards its east and Belgium towards its south. The word ‘Netherlands’ signifies low countries, which stems from the fact that most of Netherlands is situated below the sea level. This destination is a favorite for those holidaying with families.

When traveling with family, accommodation is an important issue. The hotels in Netherlands cater for all kinds of budgets. In fact, some of the hotels are run by certain families themselves. One can be rest assured about the standard of the facilities offered at most venues. The family tours to the Netherlands in general include trips to Schveningen, Noordwijk, and Bergen in order to view their sea side beauty and also have on the itinerary the Hoge Veluwe National Park and museums of Arnhem, Enkhuizen, and Zaandam. Of course, how can one miss out the famous cities like Amsterdam, Leiden, Delft, Gouda, Haarlem, and Middelburg that are worth visiting before leaving the country?

Amongst all the cities in the Netherlands, Amsterdam is a hot favorite with most tourists. The transport facilities available within the city in the form of buses, trams and the metro ensure easy movement for outsiders. Some of the locations that should surely be visited while staying in Amsterdam are the Royal Residence at Dam Square, the Van Gogh Museum that houses a huge assortment of Van Gogh paintings, and the Dutch National Museum of Art. Nature lovers should never miss going to the Keukenhof flower show demonstrating a wide range of flowers including the variety that the country’s name is synonymous with, that is tulips.

A visit to the city of Hague will provide you with the opportunity to witness the residence of the Dutch Royal family and United Nations Headquarters.

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Family Tours To The Netherlands




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