Famous Buildings In The Netherlands  

There are several appealing locations in Holland that leave an everlasting impression in the hearts and minds of tourists from across the world. The world famous museum of London, Madame Tussauds has a branch in Amsterdam as well. Like the main museum, this building also houses wax statues of imminent personalities from various parts of the world. The beauty of these statues likes in the fact that they look very close to their originals and give out the effect of being almost alive.

Those who have an inclination towards architecture must visit the Royal Palace of Amsterdam that exhibits the rich heritage of this city. The palace can be explored from the inside only during the summers. History lovers would certainly enjoy going to the historical museum in the city of Amsterdam known as the Anne Frank House. This building has been named after a young Jewish girl, who not only endured but also penned down the pathetic ordeal of the Jewish families at the hands of the gruesome Nazi attacks.

Created in the year 1606, the Rembrandt House Museum is another place worth visiting in Holland. This museum houses 250 etchings and loads of graphic work furnished by the great artist, Rembrandt. The place also showcases the artistic talent of many of his colleagues and students. The Van Gogh Museum located in Amsterdam illustrates the largest number of pieces of artwork displaying the creative flair of the Dutch painter, Vincent van Gogh. Theatre has also been given its due status in Holland. Stadsschouwburg is the best venue for enjoying drama, opera and ballet.

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Famous Buildings In The Netherlands




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