Netherlands Lanuage  

Maximum numbers of people in the country converse in the official language, which is Dutch. Although this language was created in the early Middle Ages, it was homogenized only in the sixteenth century. Apart from Dutch, there are a few other languages that are commonly heard in the regional areas of the Netherlands. The language, Frisian is used by about 453,000 people and is, therefore, given the status of official language along with Dutch in Friesland.

As per the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, the country grants the designation of regional languages to various dialects of Dutch Low Saxon. While there are as many as 1,798,000 speakers of Low Saxon, another regional language known as Limburgish is used as a mode of communication by 825,000 people in the south-eastern province of Limburg. One does hear of certain movements canvassing the up-gradation of Limburgish to the position of an official language but these have not been successful as yet.

In the municipalities of Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatius (BES Islands), English is the official language spoken; while in the special municipality of Bonaire, the authorized language is Papiamento. Interestingly, the country also has its own unique Dutch Sign Language. This referred to as Nederlandse Gebarentaal (NGT) and is used by 17,500 people. However, this sign language still awaits its grant for a rightful status.

The people of the Netherlands display a strong inclination towards learning foreign languages. As a result of this attitude, 89 percent people are well versed with English, 70 percent can communicate in German, 29 percent in French and 5 percent of the total population knows Spanish.

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Netherlands Lanuage




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