Netherlands Tourist Attractions  

The Netherlands comprises of 12 provinces, two of them being North and South Holland. Owing to the special place enjoyed by these two provinces in the history of the Netherlands, this country is also called Holland, especially within the continent.

Illustrating an amalgamation of important historical buildings defining its rich culture and some beautiful natural attractions; the Netherlands has a lot to offer its tourists. The country has nurtured immense artistic talent. The incredible work of the Dutch painter, Von Gogh can be seen in the Van Gogh Museum located in Amsterdam. Some of his master pieces displayed in this museum include the Potato Eaters, Sunflowers series and the tortured Wheatfield with Crows.

The house in which Otto and Edith Frank hid with their two daughters, Margo and Anne, during the Second World War has now been transformed into a museum known as the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. The name of Anne Frank is famous world wide as she penned down the plight of the Jews during these times in her diary, a work which has been published in almost 55 languages so far.

One cannot leave this country without having a view of its much famous windmills, especially in Zaanse Schans. This location is a very popular tourist spot with more than 1 million tourists coming here every year. The Waterpoort, also referred to as Hoogendster Pijp is an exclusively constructed water gate located in Sneek. This significant landmark was previously connected to a shielding wall, which was leveled in the eighteenth  century. Some of other places worth visiting while in the Netherlands are the old Heineken Brewery and Wadden Sea.

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Netherlands Tourist Attractions




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