Tips For Living In Netherland  

Are you new to the Netherlands? Are you in the process of moving to the Netherlands and are looking for information about this picturesque country? Are you looking for some advice on living in the Netherlands? If yes, then read on to get some tips for living in the Netherlands.

First and foremost, before moving to the Netherlands for a permanent stay, make sure that your visa is in place as well as your medical insurance. Along with these two, you would also require a Citizen Service Number, which you can get from a Dutch municipality office. People belonging to European Union countries such as Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Lithuania, Denmark, Luxemburg, Germany, Malta, Norway, Austria, Estonia, Finland and others have the freedom to work in the Netherlands. However, this does not apply to the workers from other countries.

Irrespective of whether you are working for a Dutch employer, you are working in your foreign organization and serving a short stint in the Netherlands, or you are self employed, you are entitled to minimum wages, and a stipulated number of holidays and leave as per the employment rules of the Dutch government.

When you come to Netherlands, you can request your employer to arrange for your accommodation on a temporary basis, or else you can also approach the municipality for this. Depending on the type of accommodation and your income, you may also be entitled to a rent allowance where the state pays your rent.

If you and your spouse both intend to work and if you have children less than 4 years of age, you can leave them with a day care center. Please remember to check if this day care center is registered with the municipality. If so, you can claim back certain amount that you pay for the day care center.

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Tips For Living In Netherland




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