What Do Netherland People Eat ?  

It is a well known fact that the cheese of the Netherlands is famous all over the world. The people of the Netherlands have a fondness for dairy products, and also consume a lot of pastries, pies, cookies and cakes.

Apart from this, the Netherlands people eat less spicy food, and their food contains a lot of gravy. They consume more vegetarian dishes as compared to meat. Some of the common dishes that the people of Netherlands eat are:

Pea Soup: The pea soup is a full meal in itself. It is made from fresh winter vegetables along with pieces of sausages and bacon.

Poffertjes: These are like small pancakes that are eaten warm by sprinkling powdered sugar on them. The Poffertjes are made on special pans.

Karnemelk: This is basically buttermilk which is sour in taste and is said to be very healthy.

Vla: This can be called as the Dutch version of English Custard. This is made from milk and has different flavors like strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.

Haring: This is a very traditional Dutch dish where the raw herring fish is eaten with onions. The right way of eating this is to pick the fish by its tail and slide it into your mouth. The fish has to be cleaned well and the head of the fish has to be removed.

Stroopwafel: Last but not the least, this is a unique cookie which is made with two layers of waffle type wafers with caramel filling. First this waffle is cooked on very high temperature, and then it is cut into halves and when the syrup is spread the two halves join together again

So many delicacies are a testimony to the fact that people in Netherlands eat a very wide variety of food which is delicious as well as healthy.

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What Do Netherland People Eat




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