Amsterdam And Red Light District  

Amsterdam has a large area in the old part of the city, which is called the Red Light District. This is a very beautiful place with tall and thin buildings, and is a great tourist attraction. The Red light District in Amsterdam dates back to the 14th century. Earlier, in those days, the sailors used to frequent these places in search of some female companionship.

The Red Light District is filled with gay bars, brothels, sex shops, hotels, cinemas and even museums. Though this is a very infamous place, it is also a great tourist attraction. Those who visit Amsterdam definitely like to visit this part of the city also, which is very vibrant and full of excitement.

Since around the 17th century, the brothels of the Red Light District have been in existence. In the past, prostitution was equal to dishonesty and married men were not supposed to visit the prostitutes, and the brothels were even banned through a law in 1911. But over the years, the views of the church and government agencies towards prostitution have changed and this was legalized in 2000. Whether it was illegal or not, prostitution has always prevailed in the Red Light District of Amsterdam and continues to do so.

The Red Light District is located at about 10 minutes walking distance from the central station. This place is not only famous for the above mentioned attractions, but you will be surprised to know that this district houses residences and homes of doctors as well as lawyers and other professionals. So, if you intend to just look at this area, you can do so without any problems because you can spot families also walking on the streets in this district.

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Amsterdam And Red Light District




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