Amsterdam Clubs  

The night life in Amsterdam is a very active one, and there is no dearth of places for tourists to enjoy themselves. You can find sophisticated clubs as well as simple joints which have live music and non stop dancing. Some of the well known clubs of Amsterdam are as follows:

Bitterzoet -- This club is pretty close to the Central Station. It has a spacious bar with live music played by a DJ. You can find a lot of new and upcoming talent being showcased in this club. It has a very relaxed atmosphere and offers drinks to its customers at moderate prices. The admission fees to this club are also very reasonable

Escape -- This is one of the larger clubs of Amsterdam which can accommodate more than 2000 people at one time. It is a very hi-tech club, where almost every night there is a party. Apart from dance floors, it has lounge bars, balconies and VIP stages.

Jimmy Woo -- This is a club which mixes ancient Hong Kong and modern design. It is said to be the most glamorous club in Amsterdam. The dance area of this club is equipped with state-of-the-art sound system, and the dance floor ceiling has close to 12,000 tiny bulbs lighting it.

Studio 80 -- Now moving to the less sophisticated clubs; this small club is located at Rembrandtplein. This club has a capacity of 300 people and has live acts with DJs.

This is not all as the list of Amsterdam clubs does not end here. Amsterdam is full of night clubs, for you to enjoy a lively night of non stop music and dance, and an opportunity meet like-minded people.

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Amsterdam Clubs




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