Women Of Amsterdam  

The women of Amsterdam are a joy to watch. They are slim and trim and are very active. In fact, obesity is not an issue at all in the Netherlands. The women of Amsterdam are indeed very pretty, and have great skin. All Dutch women may not be tall; you could find some petite ones also. They have dark hair and you will seldom find a Dutch woman who is overweight.

The women of Amsterdam love to wear beautiful clothes, which adds to their personality. They do not like to hide their body, and hence, they love to wear clothes that show off the curves on their bodies. They have some of the most stylish clothes which have typical layers in them unlike the dresses in the US where the clothes are more flowery. The women of Amsterdam have a knack of hiding the flab of aging by wearing surplus garments around the butt, thigh and hip areas. They also have an amazing choice of fabric and colors. 

The most important qualities that the women of Amsterdam seek in their partners are honesty, openness and modesty. Most of the Dutch women are well educated and value their independence. Hence, when it comes to a relationship, they believe in equal status. In spite of their sense of independence, their family is their main focus.

Whether it is the women of Amsterdam or the men, they have an admirable attitude towards life, towards the society and the people who comprise the society. They do not believe in complaining; instead they believe in enjoying life.

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Women Of Amsterdam




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