Amsterdam Clubs  

Amsterdam Clubs

The night life in Amsterdam is a very active one, and there is no dearth of places for tourists to enjoy themselves. You can find sophisticated clubs as well as simple joints which have live music and non stop dancing. Some of the well known clubs of Amsterdam are as follows.

Bitterzoet -- This club is pretty close to the Central Station. It has a spacious bar with live music played by a DJ. You can find a lot of new and upcoming talent being showcased in this club. It has a very relaxed atmosphere and offers drinks to its customers at moderate prices. The admission fees to this club are also very reasonable More...



Amsterdam And Red Light District

Amsterdam And Red Light District

Amsterdam has a large area in the old part of the city, which is called the Red Light District. This is a very beautiful place with tall and thin buildings, and is a great tourist attraction. The Red light District in Amsterdam dates back to the 14th century. Earlier, in those days, the sailors used to frequent these places in search of some female companionship.More...



What Country Is Amsterdam In ?

What Country Is Amsterdam In

Amsterdam is located in the Netherlands. It is not only the capital of Netherlands, but it is also the largest city in Netherlands. It has a population of more than 7,50,000. Not only this, Amsterdam is the most visited city of the Netherlands.

Amsterdam gets its name from the dam on the river Amstel. During the 17th century, this was a very important port and it was the leader in both finance as well as diamonds. Even now this is the financial capital of the Netherlands, with firms like Philips and ING having their bases here. You can also find the Amsterdam Stock Exchange here, which is one of the oldest stock exchanges in the world. More...



What Language Is Spoken In Amsterdam ?

What Language Is Spoken In Amsterdam

The Netherlands is the most thickly populated country in the world given the amount of land that is available. Close to 80 percent of the country's population comprises of Caucasian Dutch. Amsterdam is the financial capital of the Netherlands, and also the largest city of that country.More...





Women-Of-Amsterdam      The women of Amsterdam are a joy to watch. They are slim and trim and are very active. In fact, obesity is not an issue at all in the Netherlands. The women of Amsterdam are indeed very pretty, and have great skin. All Dutch women may not be tall; you could find some petite ones also. They have dark hair and you will seldom find a Dutch woman who is overweight. More..




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