Top Rated International Business School Maastricht Netherland  

Maastricht, the capital of Limburg, is not only famous for its historical beauty and shopping centers, but it is also famous for the educational institutions. Maastricht is a city in the Netherlands where you can find top rated international business schools.

Some such schools are Maastricht University School of Business and Economics and Maastricht Universiteit Business School. While Maastricht University School of Business and Economics is among the top 25 best universities in Europe, Maastricht Universiteit Business School is among the top 10 of Dutch and Belgian schools.

Maastricht University School of Business and Economics was founded in 1983, and there were only 100 students in the year of its inception. Now the number of students studying here has gone up to 3,750. This school believes in the concept of problem solving based learning where the students are divided into groups of 10-12 students and thus, they go about solving problems. This method of learning helps to increase their analytical and problem solving skills. There are different programs available here such as Bachelor’s programs, Master’s programs, PhD programs. You can even apply for short term courses.

Maastricht Universiteit Business School was founded in 2002. All the programs in this school are made with the international students in mind, and each of these programs is taught in English. The types of courses available here are Master’s programs, MBA programs, in-company programs and open executive courses. The MBA programs consist of leadership skills course and aims to improve corporate governance, sustained leadership and social responsibility.

Finding a top rated business school in Maastricht may not be difficult, but you may need the right GMAT score to get admission into these schools.

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Top Rated International Business School Maastricht Netherland




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