Weather In Maastricht  

Maastricht is a very beautiful city in the southern part of the Netherlands. It is well known for its historical monuments, and it is a popular destination among tourists when it comes to shopping and recreation.

It has very mild weather throughout the year. The summer experiences a temperature of around 23 degrees, whereas the winters may have temperature of around 3 degrees to 9 degrees. Rain is a frequent thing in Maastricht. It can rain anytime in the Netherlands. However, the month of July does see some dry and sunny days. Since the rainfall is always there, summers may become humid when it rains, and winters may become cooler with the rains.

The best time to visit Maastricht is summer. People can visit more tourist attractions as the days are little longer in summers. Some highlights of visiting Maastricht in summer are tours of the Old City and a chance to relax in outdoor cafes. There are outdoor activities such as the OLV square and Farmer’s market that are open during the summer. When you travel to Maastricht in summer, do not forget to include some sweaters and cardigans along with shorts and t-shirts.

Winter in Maastricht also has its own attractions such as Winterland, which is celebrated in Vrijthof square. Here you can find lots of food and drinks, and activities like the Grand Carousel and the Ferris wheel. There are also other winter activities such as ice skating, ice hockey and going on a hike.  

No matter which time of the year you choose to visit Maastricht, the one thing that definitely needs to be in your bag is your umbrella!

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Weather In Maastricht




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