Explore Rotterdam The Gateway To Europe  

Rotterdam is a huge port city situated in the western part of the Netherlands. This port is also called as Europoort, or the Gateway to Europe. The port in Rotterdam came into full fledged use only after the Second World War. From November 1960, oil tankers started to dock here and later many warehouses were constructed and port installations were done.

Rotterdam has different harbors for different types of goods. It has the largest oil terminal in the world, and it has 5 oil refineries which are connected with German and Belgian refineries. It also has refrigerated warehouses to store meat and other foodstuff. Europe gets around 85 percent of its citrus fruits from the port of Rotterdam because this is where they are first landed.

There are several museums in Rotterdam, namely Boijmans-van-Beuningen Museum, Maritiem Museum, The Historisch Museum and the Brandweermuseum. One of the other attractions of Rotterdam is the Kuboswoningen or cube houses. Apart from this, Rotterdam boasts of having some of the tallest structures of the Netherlands such as The Erasmus Bridge, which is 790 meters long; The Montevideo Tower, supposedly the tallest residential tower in the country, which is 524 feet tall; and also the tallest office building which is 520 feet tall called Delftse Poort.

There are many shopping centers situated in Rotterdam, namely Zuidplein, Beurstraverse and also Alexandrium.

The port of Rotterdam is the one which serves as a link between the international countries and the European continent and hence, it is rightly called as the Gateway to Europe.

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Explore Rotterdam The Gateway To Europe




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