Guide To Modern Architecture In Rotterdam  

If Paris is synonymous with fashion and Los Angeles is synonymous with entertainment, then Rotterdam is synonymous with architecture. You can find numerous museums with antiques here as well as some buildings with the most modern architecture.

A few examples of modern architecture that can be seen in Rotterdam are as follows:

  • Montevideo: This tower is 151 meters tall and has many offices, shops, apartments and restaurants. It is located in the southern part of Rotterdam
  • The Erasmus Bridge: This bridge is situated just outside Rotterdam over the river Meuse. This is a major attraction of Rotterdam. This is the highest bridge in Netherlands and also the longest cable stayed bridge in the world.
  • The New Luxor Theatre: This is the main theater of the city. It has been designed by Australian architect Peter Wilson. It is impossible to miss this beautiful theater at the foot of the Erasmus Bridge.
  • Cube Houses: The main attraction of Rotterdam, which is world famous, are the Cube Houses. The main feature of these houses is that they do not have any straight walls. The Cube Houses are located at the Overblaak, in the city center.
  • Other attractions: Besides the above mentioned architectural buildings, you should also include places like The Scheepvaart and Transport College, De Brug, Netherlands Architecture Institute and the KPN building in your list of places to visit. This is because each of these buildings is unique and are classic examples of modern architecture.
  • After seeing such beautiful examples of modern architecture, it is not wrong to say that Rotterdam is the world’s modern architecture city.

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Guide To Modern Architecture In Rotterdam




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