In Which Direction Would You Travel If You Went From Amsterdam To Rotterdam  

A trip to the Netherlands would not be complete without visiting Amsterdam as well as Rotterdam. If you prefer to visit Amsterdam first, then you would be traveling south west to visit Rotterdam or vice versa if you prefer to visit Rotterdam first. Rotterdam is just an hour away from Amsterdam, and there are many intercity trains for travel between these two cities, apart from flights.  Either way, you will be in for a surprise while visiting both the places.

Amsterdam and Rotterdam are two different faces of the Netherlands. While Amsterdam is a place, of canals, Red Light District and historic homes, Rotterdam has modern architecture, festivals and art. This is because Amsterdam has been able to preserve most of its ancient architecture, but unfortunately this was not the case with Rotterdam. It was completely destroyed due to bombing in the Second World War and had to be rebuilt.

Amsterdam may be a little expensive, whereas Rotterdam is not at all expensive. While most of the population in Amsterdam is Dutch, it is surprising to note that about 60 percent of people in Rotterdam are Dutch and the rest are non-Dutch. This is primarily because of its harbor where you can find people from different cultures, including Chinese and Indians.

Also, Rotterdam is a much quieter place when compared to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is bustling with people in cafes, but Rotterdam is very peaceful. However, Amsterdam provides all that is required for a city life, but Rotterdam has a combination of both urban and country life.

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In Which Direction Would You Travel If You Went From Amsterdam To Rotterdam




Information-On-Rotterdam-Netherlands      Rotterdam is the second biggest city of Netherlands. It gets its name from the dam Rotte, which is built on a little river. It is the largest port of Europe and is the seventh in the world. Rotterdam is most famous for its architecture. There are several top firms in Europe which have their headquarters here. More..




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In Which Direction Would You Travel If You Went From Amsterdam To Rotterdam )
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