What Country Is Rotterdam In ?  

Rotterdam is situated in the Netherlands, and it is the largest port of Europe. It is the second biggest city in the Netherlands, after Amsterdam. It is also known as the Gateway to Europe because its port is connected to the other major countries of the world. During the Second World War, Rotterdam was completely destroyed and had to be rebuild. Hence, you can find lot of modern architecture in the city.

Rotterdam has many things to offer a tourist. There are many modern buildings, museums, shopping centers, restaurants and also lots of arts and festivals that the tourists can enjoy. It is a vast city, and the tourists may have to sometimes walk to visit different places of interest.

The weather in Rotterdam is not troublesome at all. Though it experiences mild summer, there might be times when it may get too hot. However, winter is not very pleasing as it is freezing cold. There is moderate rainfall throughout the year in the city.

The city is not a very expensive place, and the people here are very friendly. There are many low cost hotels available for tourists that also offer comfortable stay and adequate amenities. The population of the city comprises of both Dutch and non-Dutch people, but the official language spoken here is Dutch.

Rotterdam is quite different from the other cities of the Netherlands as you can get urban as well as countryside feel in this city. Your visit to the Netherlands is incomplete till you have visited this port city.

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What Country Is Rotterdam In




Explore-Rotterdam-The-Gateway-To-Europe      Rotterdam is a huge port city situated in the western part of the Netherlands. This port is also called as Europoort, or the Gateway to Europe. The port in Rotterdam came into full fledged use only after the Second World War. From November 1960, oil tankers started to dock here and later many warehouses were constructed and port installations were done. More..




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