Places To Visit In Norway  

If you are wondering where to spend your time for a short vacation this time around, do not look beyond Norway, a country that will surely delight you to the core. This country has a right mix of tradition and modernity. Situated in Northern Europe in the Scandinavian Peninsula, you will come across numerous tourist attractions and destinations that will surely sweep you off the floor.

The country is filled with museums making it a good destination for history lovers and photographers. Make sure you visit the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, the country’s capital. You will get to witness the burial ships used during the Viking period and also the famous Oseberg that was used for carrying treasures. The Edvard Munch Museum has some absolutely mind blowing paintings. You will come across a collection of 1,100 paintings, 18,000 prints and 4,500 drawings.

The country has a special distinction of having its large fauna and flora still intact amidst development and modernization. Bird lovers can visit the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway. It is home to millions of sea birds, sea eagles, cormorants, guillemots, petrels, arctic tern, puffins and gulls. The Jotunheimen National Park is home to waterfalls, mountains, lakes and glaciers. Go on a safari in the Dovrefjell National Park, located in Central Norway. You will come across reindeers, Arctic foxes and musk among other creatures roaming around in the region.

Go back in history and check out Tønsberg, one of the oldest towns in Norway. The International Bergen Music Festival is a must visit for music lovers.

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Places To Visit In Norway




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