Where Is Romania Located  

Romania is a country located in the southeastern region of Central Europe. The country has Hungary to the northwest, Serbia to the southwest, Ukraine to the east, Bulgaria to the south, and the Republic of Moldova is on the east. The Black Sea is present to the southeast of the Romanian border.

The capital of Romania is Bucharest, which is located in the south central part of the country, and is on the same latitude as Oregon, Montreal, Venice and Bordeaux.

The country is blessed with rugged mountains, beautiful hills, fertile plains and many lakes and rivers. The Carpathian Mountains cut through the middle of the country. The mountains are also referred to as the Transylvanian Alps. Nearly one quarter of the country is covered with verdant forests, which are home to many different species of fauna like bears, deer, lynx, wolves and chamois. The Danube River after traveling through 8 countries in the region cuts through Romania and finally empties in the Black Sea. The river forms the most diverse wetlands in the world in the form of the Danube Delta.

Being a mountainous country, Romania is just perfect for outdoor sports like hiking, climbing, river rafting and biking. In addition, the winter season offers many skiing opportunities in the numerous ski resorts located in Poiana Brasov, Sinaia, Predeal, Vatra Dornei, Lake Balea and Paltinis.

The coast of the Black Sea along Romania stretches for more than 150 miles. It is a popular tourist destination owing to is wide sandy beaches. The perfect time to visit the Black Sea coast of Romania is from May to September.

The country has four distinct seasons and offers a temperate climate. Spring is cool in the mornings and nights, while the days are warm. Summer is quite warm and the sun sets really late. July and August are the hottest months in the country when temperatures can go as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Autumn is dry and cool and the changing of the leaves adds untold beauty to the countryside. Winters are quite cold and the country invariably receives a lot of snowfall between December and mid-March.

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Where Is Romania Located




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