Where Is The Gaza Strip Located ?  

Where Is The Gaza Strip Located

          The Gaza strip is located in the Middle East. It is a narrow coastal area bound by Mediterranean Sea, and two countries, Israel and Egypt.  It is surrounded by Israel on the southwest and Egypt on the northeast. This province derives its name from Gaza, which happens to be its main and most populous city.This coastal strip stretches over 25 miles in length. The width of this strip varies between 4 miles to 7.5 miles across the coast. The total land area covered by this strip is 139 square miles.More...


Weather In Kuwait

Weather In Kuwait            Weather in Kuwait is similar to other regions on the coast. It has an arid climate, throughout the year. This dry and hot climate is due to the desert. During the summer season, which commences in May and ends in October, the temperature ranges in between 30 degrees C to 50 degrees C. The temperature at times can get punishingly severe.During the winter season, the temperatures are as low as 10 degrees C.More...


Saudi Arabia Language

Saudi Arabia Language              Arabic language is being spoken in Saudi Arabia and interestingly, this language is in existence from the 6th century. The Arabic language is used in several Middle Eastern countries like Iraq, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan and Israel. There are so many people who opt for Arabic language as this is the only language that is used in most of the Middle East countries.More...


What Is The Capital Of Bahrain ?

What Is The Capital Of Bahrain            Bahrain is a beautiful Archipelago of 33 islands in the Persian Gulf. The capital of Bahrain is Manama. Manama is the largest city in terms of population, in the kingdom of Bahrain. It is home to nearly 1, 55,000 residents. The city of Manama is situated on a tiny peninsula, on the north east side of Bahrain. Due to its location on the peninsula, Manama City has a beautiful and scenic waterfront.More...


When The War On Iraq Started ?

When The War On Iraq Started ?

The Iraq War, which is the 2nd Gulf War, is also known as Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation New Dawn. It started on March 20, 2003. Iraq has been invaded by multinational troops mostly belonging to mainly to the US and the UK. More...






Middle East :

Why-Is-The-Gaza-Strip-Important-To-Israel      The Gaza strip is particularly important to Israel, primarily because of the strategic location of the strip. It is important since Israel considers this strip as a threat to its internal security. This is because, the Hamas, an Islamic guerrilla outfit, and other Islamic jihadi movements in the Gaza strip continue to attack and target the Israeli forces and the civilians on the border areas, by use of arms and ammunitions like the bombs and rockets. More..




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