Average Income In Israel  

According to some reports, the average income in Israel is around New Israeli Shekel (NIS) 7,922. This average income is before any deduction of taxes. Israel also has millions of foreign workers. These workers' average income is clubbed to be around NIS 4,365.

However, there is income disparity among the people working in Israel. This is basically because of the type of work the workers do and the company they work for. For instance, workers from the Israel Electric Company earn at an average around NIS18,264, while those working in the finance industry earn an average income of NIS14,937. Workers working in various government departments of the country, earn an average income of NIS11,786.

Based on a survey carried out by the CBS, it came out that teachers are the lowest paid workers in Israel. Their average income is pegged at NIS5,898, which is the lowest among all sectors. However, even agriculture and community services does not pay that well, with the average income for workers in these professions being NIS5,078 and NIS5,303 respectively.

The most surprising average income in Israel is that of workers involved in catering and hospitality industry. Their average income is just NIS3,666.

From these figures it comes out that it is better to work in the industrial sector, transport sector or even in the construction industry rather than becoming a teacher, community worker, working in the agricultural industry or the hospitality industry. This is an eye opener for people who are looking to start out their career.

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Average Income In Israel




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