Landmarks Of Syria  

One of the major sources of revenue in Syria is its tourism sector. Because of various religious landmarks, Syria attracts a huge mass every year. Although the tourism sector is involved in both inbound as well as outbound tourism, most of its contribution comes from the former.

Islam and Christianity together serve to attract tourists from all over the world to Syria. While Maaloula and Saadnaya are the hot spots for Christian followers, Shia Muslims prefer to visit the Shrine of Sayidda Zeinab and/or the Umayyad Great Mosque in Damscus. The Umayyed Great Mosque is believed to be place where John the Baptist was interred. It also holds the tomb of Saladin. Around the mosque you can visit other religious places like the Ananias Chapel and St. Paul's window.

Damascus is also home to the National Museum, and numerous bazaars where you can pick up great souvenirs and handicrafts.

Syria is also home to Crac des Chevaliers. It is a medieval citadel that was once upon a time taken by the Crusaders. The citadel was given to the Crusaders by thePrince of Tripoli, and they used to use it as a hospital for the injured knights.

You can also visit the ancient city of Ugarit, which is located just 11 kilometers from the port city of Lattakia. This is the city that gets the credit for discovering the first alphabet in the world.

          Do not miss a visit to Our Lady of Seydnaya convent. The building houses a painting of the Holy Virgin, and this was painted by St. Luke. The building has been in existence since the sixth century.

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Landmarks Of Syria




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