Where Is Yemen  

Where Is Yemen

         Officially known as the Republic of Yemen, this country is situated to the southwest of the Asian continent. It is located on the southern half of Arabian Peninsula. It is bounded on the north by Saudi Arabia and on its east by Oman. Like most Middle Eastern countries on the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen is bounded by water on at least one side.More...


Yemen Foods

Yemen Foods           Being in the Middle East, Yemen cuisine too is influenced by various other Middle East and Asian cuisines. Due to the easy availability of spices like cardamom, cinnamon, clove etc, these are generously added to various delicacies to spruce up the flavor and aroma of the dishes.Rice being the staple food of the Yemeni people, Yemeni cuisine consists of an extensive range of scrumptious rice dishes with meat (mutton or beef), chicken, fish or vegetables curry making up for the siMore...


Culture In Yemen

Culture In Yemen           The location of Yemen combined with its history ahs resulted in Yemen acquiring a very unique culture that is different from its other Middle East neighbors. Yemen has a majority of people who are followers of Islam. There are also followers of other religions like the Hindus as well as the Christians.Although, Islam is the official religion of Yemen, the constitution of the country provides for freedom of religion and hence, the Yemeni people are very tolerant to the followers of other faiMore...


Yemen History Timeline

Yemen History Timeline           Officially known as the Republic of Yemen, Yemen is situated in southwest Asia at the Arabian Peninsula. It has Saudi Arabia and Oman as its neighbor, and the other sides are bordered by the Gulf of Aden, Red Sea, and the Arabian Sea. Yemen is the only country in the region with republican form of government.More...




Middle East :

Yemen-Religion      A majority of the citizens of the republic of Yemen are followers of Islam. The followers of Islamic principles are called Muslims. However, there are several castes and sub-castes of Islam. The prominent among them are the Sunni and the Shia castes. The difference between these two prominent branches of Islam is their beliefs. These castes have sub-castes. Most Yemenis either belong to the Zaydi form of Shi'a Islam or to the Shafi'i form of Sunni Islam. More..




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