Grand Canyon Tours By Boat  

Just looking at the photographs or images of the Grand Canyon makes you realize how deep it is. However, very few people have had the fortune of going to the bottom and seeing the surrounding areas. Fortunately, if you do visit the Grand Canyon, you can take tours by boat to experience the thrill of being in one of the most beautiful geographical regions in the world.


Grand Canyon tours by boat can be organized in two ways. One can be commercial boat tour headed by a professional guide and the other is non-commercial boat tour, where the visitors are themselves responsible for charting out the tour and the entire trip. There is the option of covering the full length of the Grand Canyon on a boat or just visit the Upper or Lower Canyon.

The length of the tour by boat can vary from one day to a long trip of 25 days, which would involve camping in the canyon. When a person takes a long Grand Canyon tour by boat, there is an opportunity of taking hikes to see ancient Native American ruins, explore the numerous geological features within the Grand Canyon and also see some of the most beautiful naturally occurring springs in the world.

If you are looking for commercial boat trips, it is best to make your reservations well in advance as just a fixed number of commercial boat trips are permitted in the Grand Canyon. Usually, when making a reservation, you would have to make a non-refundable deposit.

If you plan on going for a self guided Grand Canyon tour by boat, you will require a permit, which is given by the National Park Services. You can get permit for two day to five days on first come first served basis. However, if you want permits for 12 days to 25 days boat trip, then you better keep your fingers crossed, as these permits are issued through a lottery system.

The cost of commercial Grand Canyon tour by boat varies on the duration of the trip as well as the location where the person wants to go. On an average, a week long trip costs more than one thousand dollars per person.

When taking a Grand Canyon tour by boat, it is imperative that people take all precautions to ensure their safety. Boat trips though exciting and thrilling can also be extremely dangerous. Hence, it is advisable to wear a life vest at all times. Also, swimming is not advisable as the water temperature is quite low of the Colorado River and this could result in hypothermia. Furthermore, the currents in the river are quite deceptive, as they are fast but do not appear so. Hence, a person could get washed away. Also, while camping, care should be taken, as nearly 60 percent of injuries occur on shore.

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Grand Canyon Tours By Boat


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