Where Is The Grand Canyon Located ?  

The Grand Canyon is located in the Colorado Plateau in the north-western corner of Arizona. It is close to the borders of Nevada and Utah. Although the Colorado River originates elsewhere and takes course from 7 states, the main feature of the canyon is the flow of Colorado River like a ribbon through the deep and wide canyon. The Grand Canyon has been taken over for preserving the delicate eco-system with all its variety in plant and animal species by the National Park Service. This was declared as a National park in 1919.

The entire area is divided broadly in to Rims as North, South and West Rims. The canyon has North and South rims on either sides of it with the Colorado River flowing in the depth in between. The entire canyon is approximately 277 miles long and approximately 10 miles wide. The depth of the river is approximately 1.6 kilometers. In order to move from one rim to the other, a person has to travel 215 miles. Due to the difference in the elevations of the North and South rims, there is a vast difference in their scenery, vegetation and climate. Good planning is essential to visit both these rims in a trip.

The South rim is located in Arizona and gets most of the tourists all round the year. It is well connected by air, rail and Inter-state 40. Phoenix has the largest airport on this side of the Grand Canyon. Free bus shuttles ply for the tourists from the South rim village. Between mid May to September, the shuttle from gateway community, Tusayan and the Grand Canyon are free of charges. The Grand Canyon rail service plies from Williams, Arizona to the south Grand Canyon village. Amtrak plies rail service from Flagstaff, Arizona to the Canyon. Commercial airlines ply from Las Vegas, Nevada, flagstaff and Phoenix. The service in to the airport of Grand Canyon which is approximately10 miles from the site is limited. The Greyhound bus service plies from Williams and Flagstaff. Shuttle on demand is available from Flagstaff, Williams and Sedona to the Canyon.

The North rim is not easily accessible. This is located in Utah and the entrance is only by road approximately 30 miles to the south of the Highway-67.  Entry is granted only from mid-May to mid-October. The shuttle is operated by the Grand Canyon Lodge twice every morning.

The Trans-Canyon shuttle connects the North rim to the South rim. This plies daily in both directions with approximately 4.5 hours of travel time.

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Camping Sites Grand Canyon      Those visiting the Grand Canyon can make it into an adventurous camping holiday by staying one of the 4 camp grounds in the park. These grounds are the Desert View, Mather Campground, North Rim Camp Ground and the Trailer Village RV Park. If you intend in the South Rim, camping area within this region is restricted to a few camp grounds, but there are some remote camping sites which require campers to have a backcountry permit. More..




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