Did Niagara Falls Ever Freeze  

Ice sheets which are around 2 to 3 kilometers as far as their thickness goes were known to cover the southern parts of Ontario long back say around 18,000 years back. But as they were being pushed southwards, they began carving basins wherein the Great lakes of today are found. As they started melting and retreating towards the north, the melted water started filling the basins and actually had filled the whole of them.

Niagara Falls is made up of three major sections or parts out of which The Horseshoe Falls is known to have much amounts of water which is actually very deep and is also very fast in terms of freezing. Other two falls which include the Bridal Veil Falls and the American Falls have too frozen occasionally. Thus the answer to the above question regarding the freezing of Niagara Falls is that yes, these falls have undergone freezing at various points of time in the past years.

Some of the ice had frozen but the probabilities that this would freeze in future as well are quite less now as the dams have been created and also due to the ice boom it seems quite impossible. But freezing does occur in winters when the ice bridges are formed. It is worth mentioning here that the twenty percent of overall freshwater of the whole world is accumulated in the Great Lakes and most part of it flows to the Niagara Falls. And the other important fact is that the number of people visiting these falls is increasing every year and is presently around 20 million per year.

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Did Niagara Falls Ever Freeze




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