Formation Of Niagara Falls  

Though the Niagara Falls are around 12,000 years old, the story regarding its formation can be traced much earlier than this, and the estimates based on these information depict that the falls are hundreds of millions years older.

Before 500 million years, the earth was actually very different from what is available the present case. The climate was basically tropical and land masses which then became Eurasia and North America were involved in the process of separation from each other.

Niagara Falls was formed several millions years ago during the Wisconsin glaciations period. Niagara River is basically the result of the continental ice sheet which was a huge glacier sweeping across most of the eastern parts of Canada. During the beginning of these Niagara Falls, these glaciers ripped through areas like a heavy bulldozer which was there destroying all the soil and rocks. It tossed them around while turning some of these river channels into lakes. It dammed several other channels with the debris which then forced the rivers diverting and then making new channels.

After the ice started melting, drainage that was there in the upper Great lakes were converted into Niagara River collectively which was unable to follow the presently filled valley and that is the reason that it found deepest outlet as far as the new landscape is concerned. Then over all these years, the river cut gorges across Niagara Escarpment. The major formations are three in numbers and they all were exposed in the gorge which was basically cut by the Niagara River.

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Formation Of Niagara Falls




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Formation Of Niagara Falls )
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